Louisville Wedding Videos

Our Approach

What sets us apart from other wedding videographers out there? We actually enjoy filming weddings. We’re in the business of telling the story of the happiest day of your life. What else could beat that? We leave you with a beautifully crafted video of your most perfect day so you can ride off into happily ever after.

This isn’t the 1980’s

Most wedding videographers are producing videos the same way they did 25 years ago: boring, uninspired, ordinary wedding videos. Videos you watch once and think, “That’s nice” and you place in a drawer never to be watched again. We want to shatter that mold and create a cinematic story of the modern bride and groom that is fun and personal and looks like it was shot in the 21st century.


Being in a creative industry, we actually use creativity. We find inspiration in the world, on television, in the movies and most importantly from our couples. We are constantly seeking artistic techniques that we can add to our arsenal of awesome that will help make your wedding video as unique as you.

It’s What we Do

Apex Video Productions was founded by two brothers who simply love making videos. While we do produce videos in a variety of settings our first love is wedding videography. We’ve been filming weddings for over 5 years and each one is still a new and fun experience. Get in touch with us so we can share more about our passion for film and how it translates into the perfect wedding video that you will treasure forever.